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Like Mo, Duct Tape and Jesus are All that We Need


He’s keeping it real just as he’s keeping his music, Country.

Do you remember that one random news when a man from ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. found an image of Jesus on duct tape? The discovery was so strongly impressed in him that he made it his refuge to get through rough times. Not long after that news, Mo Pitney came in with a song about duct tapes and Jesus.

Let’s hear what he has to say about them. Hope you’ll like it.

Yep! Let’s fix what we can and leave those beyond our control in the hand of Jesus.

How Mo Discovered that His Faith Need Fixing

In an intimate interview with Medium Corp., Mo Pitney unabashedly talked about his spirituality. Christianity, as presented by Mo, played a vital role in shaping him up to be a better man.

Though initially a mere passive follower, God removed the blinders on Mo’s eyes through a brief exchange with his friend, John Meyer.  John was recently saved while Mo grew up knowing the Christian lingo. Despite Mo’s Christian background, he has not experienced a new birth in the spirit. John, on the other hand, has a change of heart. Mo saw the stark contrast between them. Consequently, he became determined to have what John had – a living relationship with Jesus.

He diligently read the Word until he came across a verse in Psalm 117. The verse was far from comforting and was more of a note of judgment. That shook Mo to his core. Desperately, he sought help from his pastor and friends, but none were able to lift his spirit up. That’s when he realized that he has to give up all confidence in the flesh and to be utterly dependent in God’s grace and mercy. It did not take long before God rewarded his faith. Mo said that he now has firsthand knowledge of the tangible love of God.  


With a family to feed, the weight of responsibility on his shoulders just got heavier. Nevertheless, he and wife, Emily kept pressing forward, praying, and trusting God to see them through.



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