April 5

Michael Ray’s Beautiful Cover of Randy Travis’ “He Walked on Water”

Michael Ray performed one of his favorite singer’s gospel hits “He Walked on Water.” The up and coming singer states in the opening of the video that this song was played in his parent’s funeral service.

He has strong ties with the song. The Grand Ole Opry has this segment “Radio Replay” where country artists cover classic songs in their Youtube account.

Michael Ray felt the Chill

It is amazing to know that the singer got to perform the song even in front of his idol, Randy Travis. He said,

“I just really felt the chills of my grandfather (who passed away) and the meaning of this song is just one that has always touch my heart so im gonna play one a lil’ bit of it.”

michael ray
Screen grab from Grand Ole Opry’s official Youtube account

On the video, the singer is seen sitting inside a studio-like area. He is playing only with his guitar, a proof that he does not need any recording tools to pay homage to his idol. All you need is your voice, a guitar, and your heartfelt passion for music.

Michael Ray as an Artist

The singer was born on April 29, 1988. He was inspired by his grandfather who played music and taught him how to play the guitar. Growing up, he knew what kind of music he would want to do.

The singer also had some other country music idols. He said in one of his interviews,

“The 90’s artists of Tracy Lawrence and Aaron Tipton, Mark Chesnutt, Garth and that whole movement were all my influences. For me, the biggest one was Gary Allen. He blended the 90’s sound with the traditional music of my grandfather’s music.”

We all know that the country legends from back then inspired the artists of today. Just like Michael, we hope that the newer generation of artists draws their inspiration from the traditional country style. The traditional country that has strong ties with faith. Country songs that will strengthen our connection to Jesus.

To listen to the cover, click here:



michael ray, Randy Travis

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