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Go Country Vibin’ With These 10 Hit Songs By Tracy Byrd

Country singer Tracy Byrd is one of the few who made it into the country music scene off their debut album – particularly two songs. First was his third single, “Holdin’ Heaven,” also one of his career’s biggest songs, which made him a household name, and second was his remake of Johnny Paycheck’s hit “Someone to Give My Love to,” which cemented him as the traditional country troubadour. 

And for the next 12 years of his career, that success turned into a chart-topping career. And even when he took a break in 2008 and came back a few years later, his fans were still there to warmly welcome him. 

Here’s a quick rundown of 10 more hit songs that will get you straight-up country vibing. 

1. “Just Let Me Be In Love”

From Ten Rounds (2001)

Written by Tom Shapiro, Tony Martin, and Mark Nesler, this song is all about feeling the moment and enjoying what life and love offer in front of you. And Byrd’s voice, along with the perfect blend of the steel guitar and the Spanish guitar, delivered it in a hauntingly romantic manner (like a soundtrack of your very own telenovela) that you cannot help but play it again and again.

The track debuted at number 49 on the country charts and peaked at number 9. 

2. “Watermelon Crawl”

From No Ordinary Man (1994)

“If you drink, don’t drive / Do the watermelon crawl.” 

This track, penned by Buddy Brock and Zack Turner, will leave you feeling so good after you listen to it. Not only are the lyrics just pure vibing, but Byrd also knows how to have fun with his guitar and cowboy boots. No wonder this song made it to the Top 5 on the country charts and even secured a position in the Billboard Hot 100. 

3. “The Keeper of the Stars”

From No Ordinary Man (1994)

This is one of Byrd’s favorites, rerecording it for his 2001 album Ten Rounds and then in his 2005 Greatest Hits package. The ballad, which was about a “keeper of the stars” that helped bring him and his lover together, was penned by Dickey Lee, Danny Mayo, and Karen Stale. Aside from hitting the runner-up spot on the charts, it also took home the 1996 ACM Song of the Year award. 

Byrd and ballads – what else can we say?

4. “A Good Way to Get on My Bad Side”

From Ten Rounds (2001)

Byrd duetted with his labelmate and longtime friend Mark Chesnutt for this track. It was a years-long project to find the perfect song to sing with him, and so, when this fast-paced Rivers Rutherford and George Teren track about petty personal annoyances dropped on his lap, he knew it was it. 

The two pulled it off with so much ease and made it into the Top 21. 

5. “Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo”

From Ten Rounds (2002)

This heartbreaking song, written by  Casey Beathard, Michael P. Heeney, and Marla Cannon-Goodman, didn’t almost make it to Byrd’s discography. Garth Brooks also initially cut the song for his 2001 album Scarecrow, and when Byrd learned about it, he immediately called him. He said he was counting on it to be a hit and even named his album after it. Brooks was totally cool with it and wished him luck. 

“Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo” ended up being a smashing hit, earning Byrd his second chart-topping hit after his 1993 debut hit “Holdin’ Heaven.” 

6. “Put Your Hand in Mine”

From It’s About Time (1999)

Byrd touched hearts with this Jimmy Wayne and Skip Ewing ballad. He captured the emotional rollercoaster of the story – a man leaving his wife, his son telling him he could put his hands in his if he ever needed him, and then ultimately coming back to her, the love of his life. It hit home for many listeners, peaking at 11 and spending 25 weeks on the charts. 

7. “I’m from the Country”

From I’m from the Country (1998)

The Kentucky Headhunters’ rhythm guitarist Richard Young along with Marty Brown and Stan Webb, wrote this up-tempo blues track dubbed by CMT as a “Hot Shot.” The song depicted country life with fun sing-along lyrics paired with fiddle and steel guitar riffs. And Byrd’s deep, resonant voice gave it a smoky, meaty flavor that made it even more irresistible to the ears. 

“I’m from the Country” debuted at 58 but worked its way up to number three. 

8. “Don’t Take Her She’s All I Got”

From Big Love (1996)

After his charting cover of Paycheck’s hit “Someone To Give My Love To,” Byrd took off with another one. Originally titled “She’s All I Got,” this country classic was recorded first by Freddie North for his album Friend but was made a hit by Johnny Paycheck that same year. Years later, Byrd released his version and made a hit out of a hit. 

Gary U.S. Bonds and Jerry Williams Jr penned the song. 

9. “Drinkin’ Bone”

From The Truth About Men (2003)

This top 10 hit written by Casey Bearthard and Kerry Kurt Phillips is an easy sing-along delivered with a lot of good-naturedness. You can listen to it whenever you feel a bit down; it will instantly make you feel better. 

10. “Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous”

From No Ordinary Man (1994)

Written by Byron Hill and Wayne Tester, this was one of the most performed country songs of 1994. In fact, it even won an ASCAP Award because of that. That is, it’s the whole package – it’s hilarious and so fun to vibe with and dance to, and Byrd’s playful voice fits right into it. 

The song peaked at number 4, and Larry Flick of Billboard magazine called it his best single at the time. 

And that’s a wrap on Tracy Byrd’s hit songs. We hope you take your time to listen to all of them. 


Tracy Byrd

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