March 4

Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Does’ Looks Back At His Small-Town Roots

With over 157,000 views in its first 3 weeks on YouTube, Luke Bryan’s ‘Country Does’ was highly anticipated by his fans. It was included in the 2020 Born Here, Liver Here, Die Here album but in the deluxe version.

In one of his Facebook Live, Bryan said that the song could be compared to his own childhood, where he grew up in small-town life. Besides having the homey vibe, ‘Country Does’ also has a twist of its own. Some part of it was something out of a Dr. Seuss book with fun tongue-twisters. With lyrics that have rhyming words on the ending like “Old folks, kinfolks,” it is something out of the ordinary for the country superstar.

The song captures an image of not only what you can see on a country-side life but also being proud of your family and roots. Fans are even quick to notice how the country singer-songwriter can make feel-good songs as effective as this.

While Luke noted how the song hits home as far as his personal life is concerned, he didn’t pen his newest single’s lyrics. Nonetheless, he knew it was going to be a brilliant song when he first heard the demo.

Bryan shared with fans why did the deluxe version get some extra songs. During the pandemic, he made his thought of giving something new to the people who support his music.

Moreover, the album’s fourth single, ‘Down to One,’ is now breaking the charts following other Luke Bryan songs: “Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight” and “One Margarita.” With 11 No. 1 Hits, 30 Top 10 Hit, and 61 Songs on Billboard, the country crooner surely knows what type of songs listeners love.

Luke Bryan‘s ‘Country Does’ is a fun and easy song that anyone can enjoy. If you’re exploring country music, you should try listening to Bryan’s music. His collection is a true modern-classic that listeners can never get tired of.

Check out Luke Bryan’s new song, ‘Country Does’ below:


Luke Bryan

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