January 22, 2019

Eddie Montgomery Remakes “Lucky Man” With Darius Rucker

Montgomery Gentry released their single “Lucky Man” in 2007. The song hit the top of the US Billboard Country Songs chart. Furthermore, it crossed over to the pop chart at number sixty-five, and number eighty-eight on the Canadian chart. “Lucky Man” was written by David Cory Lee and Dave Turnbull in 2006.


The Album and First Nomination

The duo, Montgomery Gentry, included the song on their album Some People Change. In addition, their single was nominated during the 2008 Grammy Award. Therefore, this became their first Grammy nomination.

All About the Song

The song is about a man who complains about the things around him and his life. However, he knows that he is a lucky man. He’s got everything he has, but he doesn’t know why sometimes some things bother him.

I have days where I hate my job

This little town, and the whole world too

Last Sunday when the Bengals lost

Lord, it put me in a bad mood

The narrator mentions the things he has that made him lucky, like his house, his family, his wife, and more.

But I know I’m a lucky man

God’s given me a pretty fair hand

Got a house and a piece of land

A few dollars in a coffee can…

Like the narrator in the song, we can’t deny the fact that we are like him. We complain, thinking we aren’t lucky enough, but if we take the time to notice the simple things in our life, we will realize we are lucky to be alive, too.

Montgomery Gentry: 20 Years of Hits Album

In 2018, Eddie Montgomery released the 20th-year special album of Montgomery Gentry. The album features twelve classic hit songs the duo recorded in the past when band member Troy Gentry was still alive. However, in this album, Montgomery did a remake all of the songs by collaborating with other country artists.

Cover of the Album Montgomery Gentry: 20 Years of Hits
Photo Credit: Montgomery Gentry/ Official Facebook Page

“Lucky Man” Remake

Their single “Lucky Man” was re-recorded by Montgomery and Darius Rucker. The vocals of these two singers worked well together. The song is similar to the original version, only with a slightly different yet exceptional recording.

Montgomery Gentry: 20 Years of Hits was released November last year. 



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