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Love Without End, Amen:Strait’s Hit to Stay Atop the Longest

Penned by Aaron Barker for King of Country Music George Strait, “Love Without End, Amen” proved to be a strong contender on the chart list. Released in 1990, the song remained on top for more than a month. The feat was a huge leap as Strait’s former No. 1s only spent a week max on top.  Aaron Barker is also the songsmith to “Baby Blue,” another chart-topper for Strait in 1988.

A Song that Struck a Chord in the King’s Heart

Always the great interpreter of emotional songs, George Strait reached a million of broken souls and orphaned spirits with Barker’s “Love Without End, Amen.” Strait, himself, was smitten as he also is a father. What Barker could not reach on a pulpit, Strait was able to deliver.  

The Inspiration behind the Song: Songsmith’s Perspective

Nashville songwriter Aaron Barker‘s nostalgia about his father’s role moved him to pen the words to “Love Without end, Amen.” It was from a time when he had to show his 16-year-old son some tough love for breaking some rules. That night, he had feelings of unrest and was caught musing if he’d gotten too hard toward his son.

He remembered the first time he became a dad. He was only 17. That fact shaped the kind of relationship he had with his son growing up. More than being a father and son, they were buddies. But, when Barker’s boy start using his independence irresponsibly, Barker thought he has to step in and be a “father.” The discipline he enforced crushed his heart just as much as it would have hurt his son. He pondered:

“How can you be that mad at somebody and still love them that much? Where does that ability come from?” 

@aaronbarkersr I Nashville Songwriter I Love Without End, Amen
@aaronbarkersr I Nashville Songwriter I Love Without End, Amen

A Metaphor for God’s Father’s Heart

Jesus taught his early disciples how to pray by addressing God as a “Abba,” which means “Father” in Hebrew. The address is an indication that God does not want to be treated as an otherworldly divine being, but as a Father to his children- us. He loves us unconditionally. But as a good father, there’ll be times he has to impose discipline on his misbehaving children.



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