Take My Hand Precious Lord” is an old and classic hymn sang by many artists, perhaps one of the best out there is Elvis’ version.

Elvis Presley and “Take My Hand Precious Lord”

take my hand precious lord

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We all know the King of Rock and Roll very well by know, not only did he play a large part in developing country music, he also made quite the impact in all kinds of music in general. His title as “king” is given to him for a reason after all.

take my hand precious lord

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Along with that, however, we also got to witness his life and how it went. Needless to say, his life wasn’t always the cleanest and there were times when it felt that he was failing as a Christian.

Elvis Presley had always claimed that he was a follower of the Christian faith but didn’t really show it all the time. A statement from Mark Macias, author of “The King: The Final Hours,” said:

“He wanted to give his talent to God but the world was too tempting to resist.”

Which is why, a song like “Take My Hand Precious Lord” is a perfect way for him to cry out and ask for the Lord’s help. That is something that we all should learn to do as well.

Crying Out To The Lord Is A Sign of Good Faith

When we are all feeling tired and feel like we can’t go on believing, there is no shame in asking the Lord to carry us for some time until we can walk by ourselves again.

take my hand precious lord

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It is not a sign of weak faith to ask for help or to reach out to Him. In fact, it is the opposite; it shows how much we trust the Lord to help us when we need it most. It is a show of unwavering trust which we should have as Christians.

precious lord take my hand

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Whenever we feel like the world becomes too tempting and our faith starts to tremble, seek the Lord and say “Take My Hand Precious Lord” and know that, like Elvis, God will take great care of us up ’til the very end.