December 26

Elvis Presley’s “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”: A Song of Many 

Although the great Elvis Presley is often thought to have recorded the original version of the song “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” this is actually not the case. Thomas A. Dorsey, a Christian preacher who had a significant impact on the evolution of early blues and gospel music in the 20th century, composed the song.

In the song, the singer begs the Lord to make his life more joyful. This just demonstrates how much we depend on God for daily survival. The song emphasized that we should have more faith in God at those moments when we may not fully comprehend what He is doing.

The Selah Jubilee Singers released their recorded audio on the first-ever known date of the song’s debut in 1938. The song was also famously recorded by Mahalia Jackson in 1956 and by Elvis Presley in 1957 on his album Elvis Christmas Album. The song became one of Elvis Presley’s songs that have been loved by many. 

People who hear his version of the song will experience the precise sentiment the music is trying to express. Because of this, many people still listen to his rendition today.

As a result of that, the Christian Music Hall of Fame inducted “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” in 2007. Even the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts also put it on their list of Songs of the Century. 

And for a slight tidbit, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” was also Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite song. And since many other individuals likewise do, there is no doubt about that.

So if you need a reminder that God is always here for us to guide and lead us our way, then Elvis Presley’s “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” is the ideal song for you to listen to. You may listen to it now by clicking here.


Elvis Presley

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