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March 4, 2019


March 4, 2019


March 4, 2019

Raising a lot of kids must be hard because you need to be patient and loving. Also, the parents will need to sacrifice a lot for their children to grow. Anyhow, having your own children will give you the feeling of fulfillment that you cannot find from material things. But what if you will have three sets of twins? How will you react to that?

Sounds hard, right? But Carrie and Craig Kosinski is no ordinary couple. They have three sets of twins with the same birthday, that is when they were all born in the same month and day but in different years. This sounds crazy but at least the parents will not forget the birthdays of their children. And, they will be able to save a lot on birthday parties since they will be holding just one for all their kids in a year. See, there is always a bright side to everything.

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Interesting Facts about Twins

There are a lot of misconceptions about twins that we read in magazines, but one thing is for sure, they are special. Furthermore, there are myths about how a woman can get pregnant with twins. But according to statistics, 32 in every 1,000 people has a twin. In addition, 20% of women who got pregnant at the age of 45 might have twins. But for women under the age of 24, it drops down to 2%. Well, those are just interesting facts.

twins, birthday, Craig Kosinski
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Three Birthdays in the Same Month

Carrie and Craig Kosinski have such an interesting family because they have three sets of twins with the same birthday. Maybe you are wondering how is that even possible. Well, their first set of twin girls was adopted, they were born on February 28, 2014. It was given to them by an unnamed acquaintance. Then the Kosinski’s were contacted by the same acquaintance to adopt her older twins who were born on February 28, 2013. Of course, the couple wanted to keep the siblings intact so they also adopted them. Furthermore, the twist came when the couple found out that Carrie was pregnant the following year and she gave birth on February 28. That must really be crazy for this family but at least they are happy.


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