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“No News:” The First Song That Made Lonestar Top the Chart


Which do you prefer, to hear a piece of bad news or no news at all? Sometimes we’d rather hear the bad news because at least we know what happened rather than constantly thinking about something. When there’s no news, we keep on thinking, and we start to become anxious. We wonder all the time trying to look for answers that might not come. That is exactly what the narrator felt like in the song “No News.”

lonestar no news
Photo Credit: Lonestar/ Billboard

The “No News” Content

The Lonestar band released their single “No News” in 1996. In that song, the narrator said he was an understanding man. Therefore, he allows his lover to sort out whatever problem she has. He lets her find herself first. However, as he waits for her, he heard nothing. This then makes him worried and wonder where she is.

She could telephone, tell a friend
Tell a lie about where she’s been
Send a pigeon, send a fax
Write it on a postal pack
Send a signal up in smoke
Tap it out in morse code
I’d prefer a bad excuse
To no news

Lonestar’s Hit Song

Lonestar was starting in their career as a country band in the early ’90s. When they released their second single, it hit the top of the US and Canadian Country chart, making this their first number one song. “No News” was one of the tracks from their first studio album Lonestar. The song was penned by Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin, and Mark D. Sanders. The band received a lot of positive reviews for their hit single.

Here’s the band’s first number one song.

Other Songs from Their Eponymous Album

Aside from the mentioned song, there were four more singles from the album that have secured a spot on the chart. “Tequila Talkin'” was the first single that was released by the band, and it placed at number eight. Other songs were “Runnin’ Away with My Heart,” “When Cowboys Didn’t Dance,” and “Heartbroke Every Day.”

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