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Acknowledging the Life of a Single Parent who Remains Strong for His Five Children


Life is like a camera which captures every great moment that happens and develops the negative ones. If things do not work out, then just take another shot. There are times when you can no longer imagine what life really brings you.  Some may be faced with challenges, failures, and disappointments, but after these tragedies happen, it is when you realize the true meaning of life.

Life is not all about doing good or bad, but it is where you are challenged on how you handle every situation that comes into your life. Have you heard a story about a widowed man whose wife died after childbirth leaving him with 5 kids? If not, let me tell you instead.

The Story Behind A Widowed Man’s Life

Life of a widowed man, Cassidy
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April 18, 2019, marks the unforgettable day for Mckenzie and Cassidy, the widowed man. It is when their adorable baby boy, Ridge was born. Giving birth is the most challenging yet amazing moment that will happen in a woman’s life but what if that will also be the reason for a mother’s death?

Many people did not know the condition of Mckenzie before giving birth. Mckenzie was suffering from health issues that include blood disorder. A day after giving birth, she suffered from a severe blood clot in her lung that took her life. She did not have the chance to hold her new baby before she died. This is the most painful part of a mother’s life, but as people say:

God did not allow something to happen without a purpose. 

Her husband, Cassidy, stands as a single parent to their 5 children. Months had passed since the loss of Mckenzie, Cassidy returned to work to be able to provide his family’s needs. The family had moved into McKenzie’s dream home. In addition, while working as a full-time technician at a car dealership, both his mom and his wife’s mom is obliged to take care of Ridge.

Life of Cassidy
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One day, a stranger pulled up Cassidy during his shift. A stranger named Big Budah said there was something wrong with his truck but instead of checking the damage from the truck, he was surprised by the Fox 13 Dream Team giving him a collection of baby formula, diapers, and other supplies for him and Ridge.

His family and friends were also gathered there to surprise him for all the hard work he has done for his family. Indeed, being a single parent of five children is a challenge, but instead of giving up, he uses his children as an inspiration to continue his life.

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