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“A Beautiful Life” is All We Ever Want At the End of the Day

“A Beautiful Life” is All We Ever Want At the End of the Day 1

What Makes Life Beautiful

While there are many factors that could give details about the beauty of life, it oftentimes depends on how we make it. Our thoughts, words, and actions would greatly shape our being. Seemingly, the beauty of our life emanates from the way we present ourselves to the world. A more important aspect that contributes to our life’s beauty lies in our own approach to life, itself.

When you get to wake up to a cloudy morning, does the weather affect your mood for the whole day? If you failed to achieve something, will that stop you from dreaming? What if you’ve fallen in love with someone but had your heart broken, does that mean it’s the end of the world for you? And what if one day, you found out you have a terminal disease, how are you going to spend your remaining days on earth? The innumerable situations we encounter in life daily are meant to teach us how we to deal with them. And our response is either of the two – we will take our circumstance positively or otherwise.

If you possess the eyes that often look at the brighter side of things, no matter how distressing is the condition you’re into, you’ll probably have all the reasons to be happy and thankful. And the goodness you bring out from an unfortunate state adds more radiance to your life.

Get more inspiration from this melody that wonderfully narrates the things he will do to make his life beautiful as he spends the remaining days of his life.

Emerging Themes From the Song

The song opens with a striking verse. It speaks so much of the narrator’s act of helpfulness’. This was further reinforced by the succeeding stanza.

Each day I’ll do (each day I’ll do)
A golden deed (a golden deed)
By helping those (by helping those)
Who are in need (who are in need)

My life on earth (my life on earth)
Is but a span (is but a span)
And so I’ll do (and so I’ll do the best I can)

In the sections below, we can see a selfless’ person. Although he knew he shared the troubles of the world, still he’s enthusiastic in lessening others’ loads.

While travelling down (while travelling down)
Life’s weary road (life’s weary road)
I’ll try to lessen (I’ll try to lessen)
Some travelers’ load (some travelers’ load)

Interesting Facts About the Song

Hailed as the father of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe elucidates what a beautiful life is like in his song “A Beautiful Life”. Amusingly, this eloquent tune appeared in two different albums namely, Bluegrass 1950-1958 (1990) and Live from Mountain Stage (1999). Other well-known bluegrass gospel enthusiasts came up with their own renditions of the song. Among them is Ricky Skaggs.

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