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Jimmie Allen Turns to Social Media for Support on His Bipolar Disorder

Earlier this month, country star Jimmie Allen shared his bipolar disorder diagnosis. And since then, we’ve been learning how he copes with his disorder.

Jimmie Allen, Jimmie, Allen, BET
via Jimmie Allen/Official Facebook Page

One of his coping mechanisms is spreading positive messages to his fans through his Twitter account.

Jimmie Allen, Jimmie, Allen, BET
via Jimmie Allen/Official Facebook Page

Allen shared that there are definitely days when he’s depressed and would experience shifts in character and mood. We see that in one of his Tweets in early June. He tweeted out a serious message for himself and his fans.

“Depression is real always seek help. Keep a group of people around you that love, understand you and are willing to be there for you. Yesterday I was ready to give up music, something l love and fought so hard and long for. Thank you to the ones that helped me yesterday. Love ya”

But that’s not the only thing that fills his feed. It also has positive, motivational tweets. Allen says these messages are for himself as much as they are for anyone else who reads them.

“On days when you’re motivated and days when you’re depressed, you still find a way to get up,” he continues. “I felt like someone needed to hear that from me. A lot of times when I post these motivational quotes, it’s really for myself. It’s more my self-help Twitter, because I read my own tweets.”

“I feel like it’s our job to use our struggles as motivation and a stepping stool for someone else to overcome theirs.”

Jimmie Allen on Bipolar Disorder

In an interview with Chicago’s Big 95.5 radio station‘s Brooke Ashley Taylor, he got candid about his diagnosis with bipolar disorder. What helped him through tough times was all of the other musicians who were going through the same thing as him.

Jimmie Allen, Jimmie, Allen, BET
via Jimmie Allen/Official Facebook Page

“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 13. What kept me going was knowing so many musicians, like Charley Pride and others, have bipolar disorder and how they’ve been able to function.”

Pride’s bipolar diagnosis was noted during his 2019 PBS documentary entitled Charley Pride: I’m Just Me. Other stars in the industry have also shared their mental health struggles. “Meant to Be” singer Bebe Rexha have recently shared that she has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder as well.


Jimmie Allen

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