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Walker Hayes’ “Craig” Lyrics Tell A Story of Friendship Beyond Compare

He may have earned a loyal following among Nashville tastemakers, but his road to country music mainstream was actually a rough one. Walker Hayes’ “Craig” lyrics will give you a glimpse of that, at the same time, will introduce you to a close friend who offered support in more ways possible.

Released in 2018 as the second single off his album Boom, “Craig” narrates the lowest point of Hayes’ life – and the friend he met at his darkest hour, associate pastor Craig Cooper. 

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Throughout the song, a fascinating portrait of Craig and his selfless actions are revealed. But Walker Hayes stresses that the track is about much more than just that.

Story Behind The Song 

With a father who used to be a musical minister, it was unfortunate for Hayes to stray from church and eventually find himself struggling for years with alcohol addiction. Things got worse when he lost his record deal and a publishing deal that his dream of a successful music career began to fade.

He then started working at Costco to make ends meet and provide for his wife and six children.

It was when Craig and his family visited Redeeming Grace Church in Franklin, Tennessee, that he met Craig, who ultimately became a confidant who never left him in time of need. In fact, Craig went so far as to giving Hayes’ family a car big enough, so his six kids could all wear seatbelts. 

Originally, Hayes didn’t want to include the song in his album, noting that he wrote it to properly show gratitude to Craig, which he was not able to show when he received the keys to the new van. 

But it was such a beautiful song not to share with the world. It’s one example of how Walker Hayes’ songs are uniquely written.

Make sure you listen to “Craig” by Walker Hayes in the video below.


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