July 30

That “One Friend” Who Never Leaves Us

Dan Seals brings us this country classic song “One Friend,” a sweet simple song that talks about someone who makes life special for us.

one friend
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There are so many songs about friends out there including “Buddy” by Willie Nelson, “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw,  and “You’ve Got A Friend” by James Taylor to name a few. Yet somehow, amidst all of these songs, we seem to always forget “One Friend” by the great Dan Seals.

In our fandom of country music, it is often so easy to forget many great songs. Other times we forget some country music artists. It is somewhat understandable, after all when we take a look at the music we all listen to, it is most likely going to compose of a lot of different types of songs from many kinds of sub-genres.

one friend
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It is so easy for many of us to lose track of many songs or artist in our fandom because of the sheer amount of stuff we have to deal with. Which is why we are now bringing you some awesome songs you may have forgotten such as Dan Seals’ “One Friend.”

“One Friend” That One Song for That “One Friend”

As mentioned, there are so many great songs about our best friend that it is hard to just pick one favorite. However, one song that should always be considered is this great song by Dan Seals.

“One Friend” offers us sweet words of praise for that one person who always stood by us and helped us through so much. This song is a great tribute to that one best friend of ours. The words or lyrics used in it as well pretty much convey the words of thanks we may want to express to that “One Friend.”

one friend
Screengrab from Youtube

Another great thing about this song is that it isn’t limited to a best friend, it could also be sung to a partner in life such as your wife or husband. It can also serve as a song of appreciation to Jesus, that one friend who always stays by us. At the end of the day, this is an overall great classic country song that deserves to be heard by many.


Dan Seals

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