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“Heartbreaker”: Dolly Parton’s No. 1 Crossover Song


The 20th solo album of Dolly Parton “Heartbreaker” was  released on July 17, 1978, following the massive success of her pop crossover “Here You Come Again.” This album was a more direct effort in making an impact on the pop charts.

It was also this year when Dolly took control of her career after she left “The Porter Wagoner Show.” It was at the No. 1 spot in the Top Country Albums Chart for nine consecutive weeks making this second attempt success in her crossover.

The "Heartbreaker" album's cover.
The “Heartbreaker” album’s cover

The Songwriter

The title song “Heartbreaker” was written by the lyricist, singer-songwriter, painter, and New York Times best-selling author Carole Bayer Sager who wrote many chart-topping songs like “That’s What Friends Are For,” “The Prayer,” and many more. The song’s slick and shiny style made it easier to sell to the pop audience.


The Photographer

The photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer Ed Caraeff shot and designed the album. It shows a romantic and feminine Dolly Parton in a pink dress which was also one of her ways to make an impact on the pop Industry.

Her dress was recognized by Southern Living Magazine as one of the 25 Iconic Dresses Worn by Southern Women throughout History.


Dolly’s Take

Many critics said she became a wind-up doll artist and a great American joke. However unimpressed the Rolling Stones is, they concluded that it was a premeditated move to reach her crossover goal. The Highway Queens also agreed saying,

“To transcend her genre Dolly had to let go of some of the things that brought her the success in the first place.”

Her determination and courage during this time was another hard step she took to be where she is now. Without a doubt, it propelled her to success.

Watch and enjoy the video here:


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