January 12

Understanding Love in Parker McCollum’s Song “To be Loved by You”

Through the years, Parker McCollum has already made a name in the music industry with smash hits like “Hell of a Year,” “Like a Cowboy, and now “To be Loved by You.” The song was released as part of his album Gold Chain Cowboy in 2021.

The song is ideal for individuals who want to know why their partners behave in the manner they do. Could it be angry, cheerful, or sad? And if breakups are always the solution. That is maybe why this song has become so popular since it genuinely resonates with couples worldwide.

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As a result, if you’re also wondering what the song’s genuine meaning is, look no further since you came to the right place. 

Meaning Behind the Song 

Parker McCollum wrote this song about overcoming the difficult moments in a loving relationship, and it was inspired by a rocky patch he went through with his wife, Hallie Ray Light.

The song was inspired by a man, Parker McCollum himself, who simply wants to know why his darling partner is always furious with him. And we all know that relationships aren’t always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes you have to go through a rough phase to make it stronger. That’s exactly what happened in Parker McCollum’s relationship.

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In the song, the narrator laments the loss of a girl he carelessly let go of. All McCollum wants listeners to take away from this song is that making a relationship work is about figuring things out and navigating that phase of the not-so-perfect and romantic stage with your partner. And breakups don’t always solve the problem. 

As a result, the song urges us to hold on to what’s worth keeping and stay strong until we find our way back home. You should watch Parker McCollum’s music video for “To be Loved by You” below.


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