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Don Williams’ Version of “I Hope This Day Is Good”

Don Williams: The Gentle Giant

Don Williams Songs
Photo Credit: Don Williams/ by Screengrab

Don Williams is a well-known Country music singer and a songwriter. He proved himself as a legendary singer who entered the world of Country Music Hall of Fame. He recorded numerous singles that entered charts and gained awards. Perhaps at an early age, he was already into singing.

In 1971, he began his career by performing as a solo artist. Williams was known for his great influence in music. His songs were also covered by popular country artists. His music was known internationally.

“Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good”

Don William Lord I Hope This Day Is Good
Photo Credit: Don Williams/ by Screengrab

Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” is a song written by Dave Hanner. It was first recorded by Don Williams. This song was Williams 12th number one hit on the country chart.

Lord, I hope this day is good 
I’m feelin’ empty and misunderstood 
I should be thankful, Lord, I know I should 
But Lord I hope this day is good

This stanza shows that the narrator is praying for a better day.

How do you start your day? I start my day with a simple prayer. First, I thank God for giving me another day to live. Second, for guiding me throughout the day because honestly, we don’t want to go on a bad day.

God gave us another day to live, for us to create another memory. We cannot bring back time so if you had a bad day yesterday, make this day a better day. The mistake you have done yesterday will not define who you are. We must always believe in God’s will.

If you are having a bad day, try to pray. God put you in that situation not to punish you, but for you to learn a lesson. The pain you are feeling right now is just temporary.

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