June 15, 2021

The Story Behind “My Girl” by Dylan Scott, His First No. 1 Country Hit

“My Girl” by Dylan Scott was something the newcomer did not expect to become his breakthrough hit. In fact, he admitted that he almost did not record the song.

Included in his 2016 self-titled album, Dylan Scott co-wrote the song in 2012 with his childhood sweetheart-now-wife Blair in mind. Dylan and Blair started dating in their early teenage years, but when Dylan pursued a music career in Nashville after completing high school, the two had to endure a period of long-distance dating.

It was actually during one of Dylan’s trips back to their home state in Louisiana that the romantic ballad came to life. While hanging around, listening to the radio together, Blair began flipping around through different stations – until an Eminem song came on.

Dylan then got the biggest surprise of his life when Blair – who happens to be “really shy” – started dancing and rapping, not just a couple of lyrics but the entire song. He knew right then and there that he had to write a song about this special moment, “about all the things I get to see in my girl that nobody else gets to see,” he said.

So when he got back to Nashville, he enlisted the help of his friend Josh Kerr to bring the song to life. Dylan poured out all their experiences together and things that remind him of Blair in writing. “Also, I feel like other guys, when they hear this, they’ll think, “That’s my girl. That’s the stuff my girl does when it’s just us,” he said.

He then recorded the song without the intention of letting the public hear it. As to Dylan, “it is such a love story, a personal story” that he thought nobody would be interested in listening to it. Fortunately, he put it out as a single, and it became the first No. 1 country hit among Dylan Scott songs.

You can listen to Dylan Scott’s “My Girl” in the video below.


Dylan Scott

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