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June 13, 2021


June 13, 2021


June 13, 2021

Dylan Scott songs have been charming fans since he made his debut in the music scene in 2013. 

Born in Bastrop, Louisiana, the singer-songwriter started playing music as a child – and when he reached his late teens, Scott was determined to pursue it professionally. He then started playing guitar for Freddy Fender, as well as for other country artists. Next, he recorded a four-song demo with songwriter-producer Charlie Craig, which caught the attention of the record label Curb Records.

When Dylan Scott released his debut single in 2013, he started generating a large following – thanks to his swoon-worthy hits. Here are some of our favorites from the rising country star.

1. “Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy”

From: Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy (2013)

Released as the debut single off his self-titled extended play, “Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy” introduced Scott and his deep, growling voice to the world. It quickly became a top-five song at Sirius XM and spent ten weeks on the Billboard’s Country Airplay chart.

The romantic song tells the tale of a man who is head over heels in love with his girl that even the way her hair blows in the wind takes him to heaven. Scott recorded it in honor of his high school sweetheart, Blair Robinson, whom he ended up marrying.

2. “My Girl”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

Dylan Scott’s wife has inspired many of his songs; this includes “My Girl,” which turned out to be his first No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart. It also reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Scott and his now-wife have been in a relationship since their sophomore years in high school – this includes a time of long-distance dating while Scott was in Nashville and Blair remained in their home state of Louisiana.

It was on one of Scott’s trips back home that he got the inspiration for this love song. According to the singer, it happened while they were riding around listening to the radio. Blair then started flipping around his radio stations, and she only stopped when an Eminem song came on. Much to Scott’s surprise, she started rapping the entire song.

When he got back to Nashville, he decided to write – not only what happened about that weekend – but all the things he gets to see in Blair that nobody else gets to see and everything they have experienced together that reminds him of her.

Scott admitted that he never expected it to become a breakthrough hit. In fact, he almost did not record the song because it’s such a personal story that he thought nobody would want to hear.

3. “Hooked”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

Unlike most of his romantic love songs, this one wasn’t written with his wife Blair in mind – yet it has her stamp of approval. When he asked her to check the song out, Scott said they both quickly started jamming to it. Right then and there, he knew that he had to record the song.

Written by Morgan Evans, Lindsay Rimes, and Seth Ennis, “Hooked” was described by The Boot as “a country tribute to falling fast and hard into love.” The romantic ballad was actually inspired by Evans’ budding romance with his now-wife, country singer Kelsea Ballerini. He wrote it shortly two years after they started dating.

4. “Nothing to Do Town”

From: Nothing To Do Town (2019)

Scott finds himself painting the picture of small-town living as a native of the tiny northeastern Louisiana town of Bastrop in “Nothing to Do Town.” Scott recalled how they did not have malls or movie theaters back then that they had to make their own entertainment – yet the singer proudly said he would never trade the way he grew up for anything.

The song was accompanied by a music video where Scott can be seen hanging around with his family and friends by the bonfire, driving an SUV, and duck hunting.

5. “Crazy Over Me”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

Scott wrote “Crazy Over Me” with someone close to him – his songwriter roommate who he considers family. Although they spend most of their time together, it took them about eight months to complete the song.

6. “Sleeping Beauty”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

Scott co-wrote “Sleeping Beauty” with fellow country singer Lee Brice, and it quickly turned out to be a fan favorite. When he shared the song on his social media account, the video swiftly skyrocketed to more than 600,000 views. Scott would then often receive requests to perform the ballad at his shows.

7. “Lay It On Me”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

The feel-good song finds Scott singing about his idea of the perfect night with his girl in the passenger seat while they’re driving all over with the windows down and singing along to the radio.

8. “Nobody”

From: Nothing To Do Town (2019)

Dylan Scott’s latest single, “Nobody,” not only helped Scott earn his second No. 1 hit on the country radio but also got him a Breakthrough Video of the Year award at this year’s CMT Music Awards.

Recently, Music Row announced that the song has officially reached gold status, too.

With so much great news, Scott feels “very thankful and blessed,” especially that it is coming from a song that has a special meaning to him. The romantic lyrics also took inspiration from Scott’s relationship with Blair – who made a special appearance for the song’s music video.

9. “My Town”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

The anthemic song has Scott lamenting on how he never wants to change anything back home – a small town where everyone knows your name.

10. “Passenger Seat”

From: Dylan Scott (2016)

You’ll definitely be impressed with Scott’s emotional vocals as he yearns for an old flame who spends most of her time in his passenger seat with him.

Without a doubt, these Dylan Scott songs will quickly steal your heart.


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