July 17

Get Ready to Fall in Love With Keith Urban’s “Parallel Line”

Get Ready to Fall in Love With Keith Urban's "Parallel Line" 1
Keith Urban, Graffiti U (image from onecountry.com)

Keith Urban gives us a nineties slow jam reminiscence feels with one of his newest released songs, “Parallel Line.” If you want to hear a spotlight of Urban’s higher register vocals that gives the pleading lyrics a keener sense of urgency, I recommend this song for you.

Wait until you learn about the songwriter, and you’ll get totally interested. He’s no other than the man who continues to dominate the pop-music world, Ed Sheeran! For additional information, Ed Sheeran has been dipping his toes in country waters by penning a song titled “The Rest of Our Life,” for the country power couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

Released on January 18 this year, “Parallel Line” goes with the theme of Urban’s latest album, Graffiti U, which is compared to a blank canvas with pure artistic expression – a very uninhabited yet liberated expression of art. The romantic jazzy ballad articulates the narrator’s readiness to fully open up himself for love. The soulful tune might as well convince you to believe in the mysterious bliss that romance can bring.

So come on and
Take a little bit of my
Heart tonight
No, I literally don’t mind
Just please don’t misplace it
And take a little bit of my
Heart tonight
No, baby be mine now
Baby, be mine now
Maybe it’s time we put our hearts in a parallel line

Parallel Line on the chart

For the record, the single peaked a promising spot on the charts on its first month of release. Having sold more than 35, 000 copies, it received a gold certification from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA). Also, it reached number 25 on the US Hot Country songs. Again, all these mentioned chart performances were logged on the first month of the track’s release. We are then expecting for more promising records to come.

So fasten your seatbelts, and jam with Keith Urban as you listen to “Parallel Line.” And don’t forget to grab a copy of “Graffiti U,” which is selling hot on the market now. Great day ahead, fellas!

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