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Look! Hank Williams’ Granddaughter Is Sharing A Photo Of Him Without His Cowboy Hat

Hank Williams’ Granddaughter Shares ‘Rare’ Photo Of Him Without A Cowboy Hat

Hank Williams is considered as one of the most significant and iconic figures in country music history. Hank Williams songs were even among the greatest hits of all time. So, it was very unfortunate when his career was tragically cut short in 1953 at the heartbreaking age of 29 years old. He was survived by his two children – including his only son Hank Williams Jr., who was only three years old then.

Today, the younger Williams followed his legendary father’s footsteps, even singing many of his songs and imitating his style. He became a country legend in his own right. He also started a family of his own and has five children who are carrying on the family’s musical legacy.

Guess You’ve Never Seen This Photo of Hank Williams Before

While Hank Williams Jr.‘s children may have never met their grandpa, his influence was powerful enough. And it’s safe to say they looked up to him with pride and joy. Take, for instance, Hank Williams Jr.’s granddaughter Holly Audrey, who shared a sweet photo of her famous grandparents, which was apparently taken in 1949. Much to our surprise, the very handsome Hank Williams skipped his trademark cowboy hat. 

“Grandpa Hank (in a rare picture without the cowboy hat) and grandma Audrey, if only I could have met them,” she wrote in the caption. It was definitely a rare sight to see.

Holly, who was named after her grandmother Audrey Mae, also pursued a career in music. She started playing the guitar when she was only seventeen and went on tour with various country stars, such as Keith Urban. Holly managed to release three studio albums, as well.

Never in our wildest dream, we thought we’d ever see Hank Williams without his famous cowboy hat. After all, that wide-brimmed, gentlemanly headpiece has been a staple of his career and even in country music.