January 30

Josh Turner and His Warning about the “Long Black Train”

Sin and temptation are older than the pyramids of Egypt, and they are a problem of our modern society. Sadly, temptations are interesting, and sometimes it gives us the adrenaline rush that we want to experience it. Also, it can lead to curiosity for us to try a lot of things, even those that are sinful.

Anyhow, most people succeed after controlling themselves from falling into temptation, but most of us fail. Sometimes, this can also be associated with drugs. Once you liked it, you can never resist it. This is the reason why others meet their downfall. We are old enough to know what’s right from wrong, and we have the ability to comprehend things. But to remind you of this, listen to the hit of Josh Turner, “Long Black Train.”


The Country Boy Next Door

This artist rose to fame in 2001, not just a singer, but also an actor. Further, upon his rise to the music industry, he was able to push hit after hit into the charts. And with his hard work, some of his songs won and have been nominated in numerous categories. He is a good looking man with a wonderful talent. Do you remember the hits “Firecracker” and “Time is Love?” If you know those hits, I bet you know Josh Turner, too.  

Josh Turner and His Warning about the “Long Black Train” 1
Photo Credits: Josh Turner Official Facebook Page

The Railroad to Temptation

Admit it or not, in most cases, we cannot avoid temptations. Sometimes we fall for it and then we feel guilty about our choice. I guess that’s just normal because we’re only humans. But, you know what? You have the option to avoid it. Remember, temptations may ruin our family, our relationship, and sometimes it will also lead to our destruction. If you want some encouragement, then I have picked the right song for you. Go ahead and listen to the hit “Long Black Train” by Josh Turner and remember, think twice before you act. 


Josh Turner

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