“Love is unconditional, relationships are not.” Grant Gudmundson

Brief Song Background

We’re not sure if Bill Anderson was going through something when he wrote this song given the lyrics. Nonetheless, he made something that boosted his music career much to his fans delight. Released on January 28, 1963, “Still” was Anderson’s second No.1 song on the country charts. Its top-of-the-chart reign continued for seven non-consecutive weeks. Moreover, the song peaked at No. 8 on the pop chart making it a crossover hit. On the same year, the song has been recorded by other artists. Astoundingly, the song received a favorable reception from the audience in the United Kingdom as much as in the US. Two of the song’s covers made it to the UK charts’ top 40. Meanwhile, “Still” appeared not only on the track’s title album but also in eight other albums of Anderson. The singer likewise performed the song on the finale of the 1977-1978 ABC game show The Better Sex, which he co-hosted with Sarah Purcell. The tune succeeded his first number one single titled “Mama Sang A Song”.

On the Bright Side…

Lyrically, the song exudes a gloomy feeling since it speaks of a lost love. It further emphasizes that breaking up is a never easy thing. We sure know how difficult it is to let go of the one you love especially after accumulating treasured memories for a considerable amount of time. Such was clearly indicated in the song. However, the breakup isn’t all about pain and heartache. It also has its positive aspect.

Taking hiatus from love teaches us to learn more about ourselves. It as well leads us to the realization that we are not really alone out there in our sorrow.

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