April 29

Jonathan Jackson’s “Unchained Melody” Soulful Rendition Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

We have never heard a rendition as soulful as Jonathan Jackson’s “Unchained Melody.” The Orlando-born actor and musician surprised everyone with his outstanding performance at the Grand Ole Opry in 2015. It was amazing how he brought a new twist to the classic song.

Jonathan Jackson’s Striking Performance

Jonathan Jackson became famous for his character, Avery Barkley, on the high-rating ABC series Nashville but had the talent to gain prominence on the music scene, as seen on his “Unchained Melody” performance. 

The 1965 mega-hit was sung by Jackson as if it were his song. He caresses each tune with his smooth voice and shows control over his transition from low to high notes. A fun fact is that the single was first made famous by The Righteous Brothers in the fateful year of 1965.

Moreover, the actor also has a band of his own. You don’t need to wonder anymore why he sings so well, as the answer lies in his American indie rock band called Enation. He’s the frontman who, besides singing, knows how to play guitar and piano and writes most of their songs. Throughout the years, the band has received multiple recognition in the US. And do you know their songs were even used in Stephen King’s Riding The Bullet thriller film that starred the actor? Yes, Jackson is a real-life rockstar.

Unchained Melody: Behind The Song

The famous song was written for the movie Unchained in 1955, where former football player Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch plays the protagonist. “Unchained Melody” was meant to reflect the mood of the prisoners while they’re waiting for the time to pass. Alex North was the melody genius, Hy Zaret did the emotional lyrics, and Todd Duncan sang the timeless piece in the movie.

Many music artists sang it before The Righteous Brothers turned the single into a huge hit. They may have a more modest take on the song, but that worked like magic. More so, the funny thing is, they included it as a B-side track and didn’t expect it to blow up.

After The Righteous Brothers, it seems a new young musician will make a new wave for this classic tune. You can check out Jonathan Jackson’s “Unchained Melody” soulful rendition below.


Jonathan Jackson

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