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Joey and Rory’s Amazing Cover of the Song “Are You Washed in the Blood”

Joey+Rory - Are You Washed In The Blood

Since the dawn of time, gospel hymns have been played worldwide. And one of the earliest is undoubtedly “Are You Washed in the Blood,” credited to a preacher named Elisha Albright Hoffman and was allegedly composed in 1878.

Several musicians have also attempted and made their renditions of the song available throughout the years. Randy Travis is a prime illustration. However, the world was startled in 2013 when Joey and Rory, a well-known husband and wife country music duet, decided to record their song rendition.

And people can say that Joey and Rory’s version of the song is one of the most genuine and moving covers of Christian gospel music ever performed. The two successfully blended the traditional piece with a country gospel feel. Although many of Joey and Rory’s successful songs were developed for fans to enjoy, this cover still managed to move many listeners despite being just a cover.

Known as Inspired: Songs of Faith and Family, their gospel album includes a rendition of this song. In addition to some brand-new tracks, their collection comprises classic gospel tunes. The gospel tunes that the pair covered were “Are You Washed in the Blood,” “Amazing Grace,” and “In the Garden.”

Additionally, since Joey and Rory’s rendition of the song was so well-received, it boosted the album’s position on the chart. It climbed to no. 27 on the Billboard Top Country Albums list. It also made it to position 126 on the Billboard 200 list. 

But unfortunately, none of the singles they produced for their album managed to land on the top. Nevertheless, listeners could still appreciate each piece of music despite them not hitting the charts. 

So if you want to listen to Joey and Rory’s version of “Are You Washed in the Blood,” you can check out the performance video below.