April 15

We’ve Been Set Free because “Jesus Paid It All” on the Cross

The Lenten season week has just commenced. Christians all over the world commemorate the holy week in various ways. In the entertainment and film industry, they would usually pause from their regular programs to air shows that reflect the theme of Christ’s passion. It is the time for spiritual recollection and what these industries aim in providing Lenten-themed shows is to basically inspire their audience. It is also a great way of reminding them not to forget the suffering of Jesus and His death on the cross.

Jesus Paid It All to Set Us Free

We are truly blessed that there is someone like Jesus who had to die on the cross to pay all the debts of the world in the form of sin. But, all of this happened not because of luck but out of God’s great love to the entire humanity. He created us in the first place. However, we succumbed to temptation and that’s the beginning of our fall. Then again, God sent us His only begotten son to redeem us from our sins. Indeed, Jesus paid it all on the cross.

Jesus Paid It All, Jesus sacrifice and death on the cross, Elvina Hall
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About the Song

Jesus Paid It All” is a song that apparently talks about Christ’s suffering and death as the only way to restore humanity. The hymn was penned by Elvina Hall while sitting in the choir loft. She was listening to a Pastor’s prayer one morning when her mind began wandering. It fell on our need for salvation and the price Jesus paid for it. Hall started writing the words on the flyleaf of her hymnbook and she finished it at the end of the service. She then handed over the lyrics to her pastor.

Interestingly, a coincidence happened at the Monument Street Methodist Church of Baltimore that same day. Organist John Grape had just written a new tune and gave it to his pastor. The pastor noticed the perfect fitting of the poem and the music so he put them together. After that, one of the most beloved gospel tunes we know today as “Jesus Paid It All” was born.

Listen to Kirk Franklin’s rendition of the song below and may it inspire you to always remember how Jesus paid for our salvation on the cross.


Elvina Hall, Jesus Paid It All, Kirk Franklin

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