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June 25, 2019


June 25, 2019


June 25, 2019

Do you believe in having a soulmate? How about the idea is that someone might be destined for you and you will meet them one day? For Vince Gill, he thought of his wife, Amy Grant, as the one. “Look What Love’s Revealing” was written right before their marriage and he was thankful to the stars that he got to be with the right person.

vince gill, love
Photo Credits: Vince Gill/Official Facebook Home Page

The song talks about the power of love and what it can do to the people involved. What about you, folks? Have you ever loved someone that it revealed something you never knew about yourself?

Vince Gill’s Relationship with His Wife

The love between the two happened in the most complicated way. They met back in 1993 when both are still married from their first spouses. After 18 years of marriage, Vince Gill decided to call it quits with his first wife, and so did Amy Grant. This caused a stir in the public because of allegations of infidelity from the two. They both denied the allegation admitting that both of their marriages are rocky towards the tail end and that there were no ill-feelings from their first spouses.

vince gill, love
Amy Grant and Vince Gill | Photo credit:

To say that these two are perfect for each other is an understatement. Amy Grant is a Christian singer and Vince Gill is a Christian/country singer. He even shared that he asks for his wife’s ideas when it comes to writing gospel music. Until this day, both Amy Grant and Vince Gill maintains a loving relationship.

Lyrics Breakdown

The sweetest smile
The shyest kiss
Two wounded hearts
Were not expecting this

vince gill, love
Amy Grant | Photo credit: YouTube

Both of the singers came from a failed marriage. They both want to finally have that happy ending that they deserve. Vince Gill wrote this song as a love letter to his wife that they are the endgame. They are meant for each other and they fit perfectly like gloves. They may have started with ‘wounded hearts,’ but together, they make a perfect match.

Vince Gill knows how to make his audience fall in love with songs like this. It is easy to relate to and it talks about pain and happiness with so much authenticity.


Amy Grant, Vince Gill



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