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Victor Hubbard the Homeless Man Finally Finds Home


Though lots of people really try their best to help those who are less fortunate than themselves, there are some who are truly an inspiration and Ginger Sprouse is one of them. Have you heard the story about the woman who changes the life of a homeless man name Hubbard? Well, if not, let me introduce them to you.

Ginger Sprouse and Victor Hubbard’s Inspirational Story

Ginger Sprouse has a family residing with her in Texas and Victor Hubbard is a mentally ill 38-year-old homeless man.

Ginger's Friend Hubbard
Via Facebook Page

On June 2016, Sprouse decided to stop by to speak to Hubbard. She started by questioning him about why is he always stuck in the same spot while chatting with the passengers that pass by. Hubbard answered that he remained in the same spot where he has been dropped off by his mom and promised that she will return for him.

Three years had passed, but her mom did not yet come back to get him. Hubbard is suffering from mental illness and has been living on the streets for 10 years. In addition, he had not seen his mom since the day she left him on the bus corner.

After hearing his touching story, Sprouse brought light into Hubbard’s life. Sprouse described him as a kind, loving, and gracious man. While in fact, Hubbard has not asked Sprouse for anything. Hubbard only showed excitement whenever he sees Sprouse stop to talk to him. After a couple of months, both have spent time with one another.

However, Sprouse wanted more. She decided to raise funds for her friend’s shelter, clothing, medication, and food by creating a page named GoFundMe. The description says:

“If you want to meet someone who is eternally optimistic, positive and humble go visit him. He will out-bless you every time.”

The money that has been collected is used in his medical support while Sprouse and her husband welcomed him at their home. He also took part in Sprouse’ catering business. After coping with the distress caused by Hubbard’s mom, the Sprouse family welcomed their new member of the family wholeheartedly and took a lifelong commitment to treat him like a true member of the family.

What do they bring into each other’s life?

Inspirational Story, Sprouse and Hubbard
Via Good News Network

According to Sprouse, she has a strong faith and believes in God more. She shared,

“For whatever reason, he was the one the Lord put there on the corner and put in my heart.”

While Hubbard shared what Sprouse brought into his life saying,

“Courage to transform and become a better person. … She came around and she kind of saved me. It’s like grace.”

A year had passed and hundreds of people offered support to Hubbard and had started a new life.

Now, Hubbard already has a stable job and acknowledges his skills acquired in Sprouse’s business. While the Sprouse family is also doing great. In fact, one of Sprouse’s son has a great bond with Hubbard.

This is an inspirational story that teaches someone that welcoming a strange into the family and treating him/her as your true family means a lot. You do not only change his life, but you also give him a wonderful one. The family helped a stranger without anything in return. That is why God has blessed them with more than they deserve.

Watch his inspirational video below:

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