June 12

Patsy Cline’s “Life’s Railway to Heaven”: How do you define life?

patsy cline life' railyway to heaven

Life can be defined by people based on how they perceive it to be. Some may say that life is beautiful, while others think that life is ugly and sad. However, it doesn’t mean that when someone says something about life, it will last forever that way to them. There will come a time in our life that things will change and so is how we define life.

What is life?

Another Patsy Cline song to listen today is about life. Life may sometimes be a mountain railroad according to Patsy Cline, and I couldn’t agree more. There are many tunnels, curves and difficult roads to take and it’s exhausting. Sometimes we want to give up because it’s too much. But, there’s also a part of us that doesn’t want to give up because we know that at the very end of all these challenges, there is something beautiful waiting for us. But how do we hold on? What do we have to do to keep on fighting?

Patsy Cline’s “Life’s Railway to Heaven” has the answer to that question. Our blessed Saviour, God, can help us. He will guide us and give us the patience to face all the challenges in our life. All we have to do is have faith in Him. Trust God that He is always leading us to the right way. Therefore, just like Cline’s song believe in God and never lose hope. Remember you’ll reach a place more beautiful and blissful than you can ever imagine.

“Life’s Railway to Heaven” Patsy Cline and Other Versions

“Life’s Railway to Heaven” was written by Charlie Tillman, J.R. Baxter, and M.E Abbey. This recording of Patsy was released after her death but not included in any of her posthumous albums. It was only released as a single in 1978. Aside from Cline, some artists that covered this song were Jimmy Fortune, Johnny Cash, and Linda Ronstadt.

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