February 4

On Faith and Promises: Patsy Cline’s “I Go to Church on Sunday”

Sometimes, we make promises that we cannot fulfill. That is the bitter truth, yet we unknowingly continue to do that, and in doing so, we tend to hurt other people.

Patsy Cline’s Dear God (I Go to Church on Sunday) was written by V.F. Stewart and produced by Owen Bradley. Patsy released the single in 1958.

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The song was initially titled Dear God, but Cub Koda referred to the track as “I Go to Church on Sunday” while reviewing the compilation album Crazy Dreams: The Classic Early Years by Patsy. The title, today, is sometimes stylized as Dear God (I Go to Church on Sunday).

Meaning Behind the Song

“I Go to Church on Sunday” is among Patsy Cline’s songs that speak to us about our actions and, eventually, our faith in God.

Most of us spend our time with our families to attend mass every Sunday. In Patsy Cline‘s “I Go to Church on Sunday,” she does go to church on Sunday, yet the promises she makes on Sunday, she breaks the following day. She continues not to be true to her words for the rest of the week because she does what she wants, yet she returns to pray on her knees when Sunday comes.

We pray daily to God for guidance, protection, and forgiveness. We know He hears our prayers, and his unwavering grace sustains us, yet we continue to stray from Him as the days pass. We worship and praise His name on Sundays, and we make vows to become better people, yet the moment we step out of the church, numerous things divert our attention to the vow we have made. The song ends with whether it is too late to strengthen our faith, but as long as you stick to God’s promise and keep your word, you will never stray from Him.

Listen to Patsy Cline’s “I Go to Church on Sunday” right here.


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