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REWIND: Patsy Cline’s 1962 EP Recordings After Surviving a Deadly Car Crash

Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline was known to be the most influential artist of the 20th century. She was also one of the first country music artists to have a successful crossover from country to pop.

Cline started her career at a local WINC radio when she was fifteen. This was followed by her appearance in multiple local bands. One of those was led by performer Bill Peer. This opened the door to the music industry for Cline. She was featured on “Town and Country Television Broadcast,” hosted by Connie B. Gay.

Cline started recording during the mid ‘5os. Cline’s career between 1955 -1960 didn’t’ create any blast for the artist. In fact, Cline released 17 singles during the span of 5 years with just one single, “Walkin’ after Midnight,” that made it to the top charts where it peaked in both classical and pop charts. This was all accredited to the restraining deal that Cline signed. The deal confined her to certain materials that she wasn’t really comfortable with.

Patsy Cline EP Songs

Fortunately, Patsy Cline’s career changed during the ’60s. It was with the help of producer Owen Bradley. Cline was able to pick materials that were more suitable for her, or materials that were of a higher quality than what she was offered previously. It was then that Cline’s career began to rise.

In 1962, Cline recorded her fourth extended play that featured four more new singles “Crazy”, “Foolin ‘Round,” Who Can I Count on,” South of the Border (Down Mexico Way).”


Foolin ‘Round

Who Can I Count on

South of the Border (Down Mexico Way)

Two months prior to the songs’ recording, Patsy Cline got into a car accident where she was thrown through the car’s windshield. This caused Cline a broken rib. Just after two weeks, Cline recorded the song standing on crutches.


This song was written by Willie Nelson. Prior to the release of the song, Nelson was a struggling country singer and songwriter. When Patsy Cline recorded “Crazy,” it gave Nelson his big break as it became a hit.

Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” was a generational hit. It’s an all-encompassing song of people’s feelings who’re going through the same situation as the main character in the song. Its story revolves around a woman who was totally hopeless when the love of her life left her for someone else. The woman knew that the relationship between them won’t really work out yet she couldn’t just get over him.

As it’s true to everybody, we won’t hear or see people rejoicing or celebrating a loss. This loss may be brought by death or separation due to conflicts. The song then made a strong case about the feeling of going crazy out of extreme loneliness. “Crazy” also reflects that regardless of reasons, people would still leave someone they once loved. It seemed like love wasn’t a virtue that was highly valued.

Patsy Cline did not like the song and wasn’t really interested to record it. Even so, Bradley Owen, Cline’s husband and producer, really liked the song. They persuaded Cline to record “Crazy” which Cline eventually turn into a hit.

Willie Nelson

Nelson started his career with the KVAN where he appeared several times on TV. Nelson’s potential in writing songs was really evident as he wrote his first song when he was seven years old and joined his first band when he was 10. Nelson has been involved in different jobs that included being a part of the U.S. Air Force and becoming a disk jockey in various radio stations.

It was during the early ’60s that he first signed a recording deal in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1962, Nelson recorded his first album with the title, “Then I Wrote.” This included the hit song he wrote for Patsy Cline entitled “Crazy.”

Nelson also had been featured in different industries. This included his stint in the film industry. In 1979, Nelson made his debut in the film industry. He first appeared in the filmElectric Horseman.” Nelson had other stints in the film industry that included his roles in “Honeysuckle Rose”, “Coming Out of The Ice,” “Songwriter,” and Barbarossa.” 

Nelson also released his own book in 1988 entitled “Willie: An Autobiography.” He also published “The Facts of Life: And Other Dirty Jokes” in 2002, which featured his personal collection of the tour and musical career stories combined with song lyrics.


Crazy, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson

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