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October 19, 2020


October 19, 2020


October 19, 2020

Sometimes, having to resort to a white lie is the better choice for some as it not only preserves the ego of the person in question, but it also helps people mitigate their gaps from one another.

One good example is when Kelly Clarkson once signed an autograph as Carrie Underwood to bail out a fan who has mistaken her identity for the latter. What’s worse is, the fans of these country stars are kind of in each other’s hot water right now.

Clarkson x Underwood Misunderstandings

The incident was once again dug up the Clarkson x Underwood fan rumble starting in 2004 when an Underwood fan mistook Clarkson as ‘Underwood.’ Like the usual gesture of admiration, the fan couldn’t help herself but to publicly call out ‘So Small’ which was Underwood’s single mistakenly addressing it to Clarkson. To save her the embarrassment, Kelly Clarkson, in her show, revealed that she had to do what’s best in the situation. That means she has to borrow Underwood’s identity for an autograph.

In her talk show, Clarkson pondered how she looked nothing like Underwood so it was still a mystery how the fan had mistaken her for the other. In the end, she just laughed it all away, but not without that guilty thought that she might have done something illegal.

No Need for Competition

Of course, there was really nothing between Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. They both received their breaks in different seasons of American Idol, 2002, and 2005 respectively.

Probably due to some similarities, they’re often the targets of tabloid newspaper rumors that enrage their admirers. In 2018, both stars decided to end these disputes by having a photo together. That’s to debunk one of the nasty rumor suggesting that they could never locate the two in the same place in the Radio Disney Awards event. Kelly Clarkson highlighted that they didn’t even know each other that well for people to pit them with each other as enemies.

In the same year, they also exchanged tweets backing each other. Some followers asked who among them is the greatest American Idol winner of all-time. Trying to avoid sparks that time, Carrie Underwood simply replied that she wished that more publications would just celebrate a woman’s success without comparing them with each other, therefore clearing the misunderstanding between her and Kelly Clarkson’s fans.


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