January 16

Willie Nelson’s Version of Faron Young’s “Hello Walls”

Falling in love is amazing because you get to be happy with someone else and feel like the world is always beautiful. However, when a relationship ends you seem to see the world in a sad and miserable way. Sometimes you act weirdly towards things. Like the narrator in the song “Hello Walls,” he seems to be acting strangely since the woman he loved left him.

Hello, walls

How’d things go for you today?

Willie Nelson Before

Willie Nelson was trying to make a living out of writing. He was a starving artist, struggling to sell the songs he wrote. He was so desperate that he tried to sell his song “Hello Walls” to Faron Young. It turns out that Young already recorded Nelson’s song by that time. Therefore, instead of buying the rights of the song Young lend Nelson $500 and told him to keep the song in his name. After two months, Nelson received a royalty payment from Young’s recording of “Hello Walls.”

Black and white photo of willie nelson holding his guitar
Photo Credit: Willie Nelson/ Official Facebook Page

The Song’s Content

“Hello Walls” tells the story of a man who talks to his wall, window, and ceiling. He confides to them his feelings about being left by the woman he loved. He talks to them like they were his friends.

Hello, window

Well, I see that you’re still here

Aren’t you lonely

Since our darling disappeared?

Faron Young’s Chart Performance of “Hello Walls”

Faron Young’s recording of “Hello Wall” reached number one on the country chart. Furthermore, it crossed over to the pop chart at number twelve. It became a massive success that it established Nelson’s career as a country songwriter.

Other Versions

Other artists who covered Nelson’s song were Bing Crosby, Ricky Nelson, and more. Even Willie Nelson recorded the song. In 1962, his song became part of his album, And Then I Wrote. The only song in his album that entered the chart was “Touch Me” at number seven.

Check out Willie Nelson’s recording of “Hello Wall.”


Willie Nelson

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