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Here Are Some Facts About Hank Snow, From His Humble Beginning To His Illustrious Career

Hank Snow Facts

With his distinctive sound, Hank Snow has caught the ear of many country fans. Hank Snow songs featuring his melodious baritone are some of the greatest contributions to the genre.

It will be such a shame if there’s anyone who doesn’t know Hank Snow songs, and it would be a loss if someone doesn’t hear about the country legend. So, let’s take some time to get to know one of the most successful country music stars in history. Here are some facts about Hank Snow

1. He’s a native of Brooklyn, Canada. 

Born Clarence Eugene Snow on May 9, 1914, in a tiny Canadian fishing village, Snow is the fifth of six children in a family that’s striving to survive financially. His father worked for low pay as a foreman in sawmills, while his mother helped support the family by doing domestic work in well-to-do families. Two of his eldest siblings also died in infancy.

2. He endured a bleak, brutal youth. 

Snow’s parents divorced when he was eight, which brought turmoil to his life at a very young age. He was forced to stay with his abusive grandmother, so he would sometimes sneak out and seek shelter on Liverpool’s railway. His stepfather was also an abusive, violent man who would repeatedly beat Hank.

3. He set up the Hank Snow International Foundation For The Prevention Of Child Abuse. 

He never forgot his turbulent experiences with child abuse that he set up a foundation that aims to protect any victim of an abusive childhood.

4. He worked as a cabin boy on a fishing boat. 

When he was 12, he worked on the different fishing ships that left the coast of Canada. It was his last resort for survival, and it was the very thing that changed his life course. Snow was able to save $6, just enough for him to save his first guitar, a T. Eaton Special.

5. He named his eldest son after Jimmie Rodgers. 

In 1935, Snow married Minnie Blanche Aalders. The two were blessed with a son, Jimmie Rodgers Snow, whom Snow named after his country idol. Snow was a big fan of Jimmie Rodgers that he even dedicated a memorial to the country legend in his native Mississippi. For years, Snow would come back to the site to annually celebrate Rodgers’ life and music.

6. He has a famous horse named Shawnee. 

Snow and his trained horse would entertain audiences with their tricks and daredevil stunts. It was then that the singer became known as “Hank, The Singing Ranger.”

7. He was invited to the Grand Ole Opry by Ernest Tubb. 

Snow first played at the Grand Ole Opry in 1950, where he would continue to do so for the next 46 years.

8. He was honored with a commemorative stamp by the Canada Post. 

It was issued as part of a series of stamps featuring Canadian country performers.

Isn’t it amazing to get to know a legend? Truly, he left behind a legacy as one of the most prolific recording artists in country music history.