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Hank Snow

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Here Are Some Golden Gems: The Top 10 Country Songs of The 1950s

The 1950s marked a pivotal era for country music, giving birth to timeless classics that define the genre. Here are the top 10 country songs of the 1950s.

Remembering The Death of Hank Snow and His Prolific Career

‘The Singing Ranger’ Hank Snow was the first most successful country music singers to come out of Canada. He passed away on December 20, 1999.

Hank Snow Songs

Hank Snow Songs Is A Body Work That Has Rarely Been Equaled By Any Artists Today

With his rich, flawless baritone voice, Hank Snow songs have become a body of work that is rarely matched by any of the current country stars today.

Hank Snow Facts

Here Are Some Facts About Hank Snow, From His Humble Beginning To His Illustrious Career

It would be a loss if someone didn't hear about the country legend, so here are some facts about Hank Snow that you need to know.

The Song That Launched Country Legend Hank Snow’s Career: “I’m Moving On”

"I'm Moving On" is a song written and recorded by Hank Snow in 1950. It was the first of his seven number 1 songs. Because of the song's success, Snow has been invited as part of the Grand Ole Opry cast on that same year.

“I’m Moving On,” A Hit that Launched Hank Snow’s Career

It was hard for a non-American artist to break into the country music scene but the country singer succeeded with the release of his hit song "I'm Moving On."

Celebrating Hank Snow’s Birthday Today, A Canadian Country Legend

Hank Snow is one of the few Canadian country artists that made it to the mainstream American audience. He tried different styles in music which made him a flexible artist.