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Love Without End, Amen: A Father’s Love Told By George Strait


Every man is different, the same goes for fathers. However, what makes them, all the same, is love. The never-ending love that they have for their child or children. It’s just like what George Strait is saying whenever we hear his song “Love Without End, Amen.”


A Love Without End, Amen 

The King of Country Music’s hit, “Love Without End, Amen” is not just a song. Did you know that it’s actually a story of love? This is actually the reason why George Strait decided to record this song and I know that you’ll agree that King George is the perfect artist to sing this song.

The story behind “Love Without End, Amen,” as told by Aaron Baker years ago goes like this. One day, Baker had to lay down the law as a father when his 16-year-old son had broken a big rule when he took his car and took it for a ride. The boy hit a curb sending a wheel on top of the hood of a neighbor’s new Porsche.

That night, Aaron Baker’s had a dilemma with his thoughts, was he too hard on his son or was he not too hard on him? This was the root idea behind “Love Without End, Amen.” The song struck a chord with King George and turned it into a No. 1 hit in 1990.

More Story Behind the Song

Aaron Baker tells the story behind the Love Without End, Amen. Photo from YouTube
Aaron Baker tells the story behind the Love Without End, Amen. Photo from YouTube

Aaron Baker tells the story that he was only 17 when he had his boy, “I was a kid too” he added. When he first saw his child he said,

“This’ll be great. We’ll grow up together.”

then laughed. When the boy was 16, (like any 16-year-old child) he started to seek his own independence and that’s when some problems started. That night when his son hit the curb, Baker thought,

“I had to be the dad. I couldn’t just be his friend.”

At this point, Aaron still doesn’t know if he was too hard on the kid or if he was too soft on him. However, there was a different question going on in his mind,

“How can you be that mad at somebody and still love them that much? Where does that ability come from?”

and his answer was,

“It’s in us all.”

Thereafter, he grabbed his guitar and started playing, praying, thinking, and looking for answers. Again, he found the answer within him, he said,

“That’s the way God loves us.  And that’s why it’s in us all the time.”

We were born with that love, we can be mad at someone we love and we still love them.

After thinking long, another thought (or rather a joke) came into Aaron Baker’s mind,

“Maybe I can get away with some of the mistakes I’ve made, and still get in the gates!

What did the son say after hearing the song?

After finishing the song, Aaron quickly played the song to his son. He said that his son got the message behind the song right away.

He added, “I don’t remember exactly (what he said). He was at that age where he doesn’t show emotion a lot (laughs), but I knew he got it, just by his reaction, more than what he said. … (I became) a better dad, and able to be a friend and understand the lines between friend and parenting. And he gets it, too. He’s grown up now, married with kids and all that stuff. So this has had a profound effect.”

Chart Performance of “Love Without End, Amen” by George Strait

As I have mentioned earlier, the song was recorded by George Strait and was released back in 1990. The song was the lead single of King George’s Album Livin’ It Up. The song stayed at the No. 1 spot for 4 weeks. The song’s success also gave the King of Country Music his first multi-week No. 1.

What makes this song great is because it’s an actual story. Moreover, it came from a father’s message to a son. It’s a secret, but for fathers, it’s not. It is just common. However,  we sometimes forget about our father’s love.

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