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A Lost Soul’s Plea, “Oh, Gentle Shepherd” by Jim Reeves

A Lost Soul's Plea, "Oh, Gentle Shepherd" by Jim Reeves 1
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It’s too easy for humans to tumble down, get lost along the way, and wander in the wilderness. The lure of this world is too strong to easily devour the human’s spirit. But if you’ve gotten a more profound faith, then no matter how powerful the earthly influence comes, it won’t drag you down. Having a profound faith means keeping Jesus at the center of your life, always. So, what if you accepted Christ as your personal Savior and still find yourself astray, does that mean He forsakes you? Surely not. The Lord never forgets His promise to be with us at all times. Very often, it’s us who fail to stand to His promises.

But because His love is boundless and unconditional, He never stops working in our lives. In fact, during our darkest moments, that’s when He likes the most to be at work in us. Therefore, let’s not hesitate to call on Him because He’s always waiting for us to do so. During life’s hopeless moments, God’s love is there to lift us. And when we feel like going nowhere, His helping hand is ready to hold and lead us home.

To help us deepen our understanding of this subject, let’s lend our ears to this wonderful song called “Oh, Gentle Shepherd” sung by Jim Reeves.

The Song “Oh, Gentle Shepherd”

A lost sheep pleading his master for guidance is the focus of the gospel song “Oh, Gentle Shepherd.” It suits anyone of us as we become a lost sheep at least once in our lives. It emits so much hope making us realize that if we get lost once, it doesn’t mean we’ll be lost forever. We are very lucky to have a Gentle Shepherd who’ll never get tired looking for His lost sheep. It’s just a matter of calling out on Him to make His search a lot easier.

The legendary country music songwriter Cindy Walker penned the song “Oh, Gentle Shepherd.” It’s one of the enduring songs that she wrote in her lifetime. The late singer Jim Reeves, also a country legend, first recorded the song on his 1962 album We Thank Thee.  It then appeared on his other succeeding albums namely Welcome to My World (1996) and The Best of Jim Reeves: 20 Gospel Favorites (2002).

The Lyrics

My soul is lost, so lonely and so cold
Just like a lamb that has strayed from the fold
Across the barren waste of sin I roam
Oh, gentle shepherd hear my cry and lead me home

The hours go by on frightened wings of flight
While wolves of hell are waiting for the night
To claim the soul that wandered from the fold
Oh, gentle shepherd hear my cry and save my soul

Oh, gentle shepherd hear my lonely cry
And in Thy cool green pastures let me lie
Beside the still clear waters lead Thou me
Oh, gentle shepherd safe forevermore with Thee

Lyrics credit: LyricWiki

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Cindy Walker, Jim Reeves, Oh Gentle Shepherd, we thank thee

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