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“This One’s For the Girls”,You’re Beautiful The Way You Are

Martina McBride songs are irrefutable part of the country music canon. She can stop time with a single powerful note in an emotional ballad, but can still make you dance in your car to her more lighthearted, upbeat tunes.

If there was ever an anthem for women of all ages, “This One’s for the Girls” takes the cake. It resonated wildly with females of all generations. In the tune, McBride sings about the difficulties of being 13, living on your own for the first time and watching time etch wrinkles into your face — but she tells them all that they’re beautiful. Plus, McBride’s daughters Delaney and Emma and country singers Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Faith Hill all sing backing vocals on the song. Its catchy melody still rings true today.

The Essence of Being a Woman

“Just being a woman is God’s gift.The origin of a child is a mother, a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.” – Sushmita Sen of India, Ms. Universe 1994

The essence of being a woman is more than just a body, face or image. In the real world, being a woman goes beyond fashion and style. It goes beyond senses and logic. It goes beyond culture and tradition.

The most beautiful part of being a woman is her ability to open her heart and to give out a love so pure and unconditional, her beauty and style, the care which naturally comes from her being a mother, her tenderness and compassion, her ability to withstand her pain and tears; and even her vanity and complexities and all her unseen qualities, make up all the characteristics which gives a woman her essence.

Every woman needs to know to discover the amazing, powerful woman she is. Fueled by wisdom and love, be brave to take your own inner journey to discover the power you possess at your core essence. Live an amazing life full of everything your heart desires.

"This One's For the Girls",You're Beautiful The Way You Are 1
Sushmita Sen

Womanliness Is Everything She Is

She is the better-half in a relationship. She has the body that shares the passion, intimacy and tender love with a man. That love is the sacred union of two souls that make the angels in heaven sing in harmony.

She is healing the wounded and caring for the sick and lost souls. She is bringing peace and harmony in the midst of war and strife.

The unsung heroine of the world. The inspiration for countless love poems, movies, books and romantic songs. Both the source of a man’s love and happiness, downfall, and ordeal. She has the love that makes men go down on their knees and beg forgiveness.

"This One's For the Girls",You're Beautiful The Way You Are 2

To all women…

Here’s my personal message to every woman out there: You are always more than enough. The Universe created a perfect you, with all your gifts and imperfections. In your core essence, you have a knowing that connects you to your true self. In that space, you know exactly why you are here, who you are, your power and your purpose. You came to this planet with infinite potential. So be all you came here to be!


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