September 7

Believe It or Not, Your Favorite Country Stars Did These Odd Jobs

Prior to living glamorous lives, the tour busses, sold-out concert venues, and television appearances time after time, country stars had to work their way through and had their share of experiences doing multiple other jobs with some being straight awful, greasy, and smelly.

Let us take a look at some of these country stars and what jobs they have been in before the bright lights.

Faith Hill

Prior to becoming one of the most successful female country stars of all time, there was a time when Faith Hill was up serving burgers and fries at an extremely famous fast food joint in town.

Kellie Pickler

If you’ve ever been to Sonic in Albemarle, N.C. Kellie Pickler might have served you chili cheese dog with her roller skates on three years before her appearance on “American Idol”. Pickler has nothing bad to say against Sonic. In fact, she has placed one Sonic Ice maker for her tour bus.

Eric Church

Upon his arrival in the music city, Eric Church started his climb as a part of a home shopping channel. It was his responsibility back then to take credit card numbers from insomniac shoppers during a 12 midnight to 8 am shift.

Martina McBride

For all the Garth Brooks fans who have gone to one of his concerts during the ‘90s, you possibly saw Martina McBride behind the table selling Garth Brooks T-shirts. Eventually, McBride’s angelic-voiced helped her upped her job from a souvenir seller to becoming an opening act.

Steve Earle

Prior to moving into the music city, Earle worked at a Houston Texas car wash during the gas crisis in the ‘70s. Seen as a hardcore troubadour, Earle was given a .25 automatic to carry in his coveralls to be used just in case motorists go out of hand.

Johnny Cash

Before becoming popular as the “Man in black,” an eight-year-old Johnny Cash was out in the fields picking cotton balls. Cash remembered that picking cotton balls was hard as it would cover you with tiny little cuts all over your hand.

Dierks Bentley

No one had a much awful job than Dierks Bentley. One summer day in Arizona, Bentley had to clean 250-gallon portable toilets from the returning rental houseboats.


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