July 30

A Father’s Love Will Always be a “Love Without End, Amen”

As a child, have you ever done something wrong to your father? Then, as you tell him about it, did you feel scared and prepared for the worst? Yes! That’s got to be true to all of us, right? Now, let’s talk about George Straits “Love Without End, Amen.”

My Father, My Hero

George Strait, love without end
Photo Credit: George Strait’s Official Facebook Page

Pa, Pops, Dad, Daddy, Old man: these are names that pertain to the first man in your life. He will always be someone we need, even when we become grown-ups. From teaching us how to ride a bike, how to perfectly flip a pancake, driving your own car, to being your best man at your wedding, a father has always been our personal hero.  As we reminisce much of those little precious memories, this article is for all the great fathers out there! Cheers!

“Hey Dad, how are you?”, “Pa, I just miss you a lot”, “Pops, thank you – for everything” these are the words that we do not often tell you. However, let us take this opportunity to sincerely thank you. For the sacrifice, affectionate punishments, adorable scoldings, the wisdom behind the silence, patience, pains to let me rise, and everything in between. You will always be the man who loves me like no other. Dad, you may not be perfect but you are the best!

Love Without End: From a Heartfelt Song to a Published Book

Aaron Barker, an American songwriter, turned the song into a book in 2002.  As the song goes, a son comes home from school after a fight. Afraid to tell his father what happened, he prepared for the worst thing that comes to his mind. But then, he finds that his father’s love is a love without end. When the son grows up and had his own child, he passes on the secret of a father’s love.

In the end, he was dreaming that he has died and is about to enter heaven, he thinks there must be some mistake:

“If they know half the things I’ve done, they’ll never let me in.”

He thinks, only to hear that “daddies don’t just love their children every now and then.” The secret is a father’s love is a love without end, Amen.

George Strait
Photo Credit: George Strait’s Official Facebook Page

Enjoy the video here:

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George Strait

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