June 28

Clay Walker Showed Compassion And Provided Reassurance In His Song “Fall”

In 2007, Clay Walker released “Fall” as the second single off his album of the same name. The song easily climbed Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, reaching No. 5 – making it Walker’s first Top Ten country hit since 2004. It also achieved minor success on the pop chart, peaking at No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Two weeks later, pop music singer Kimberly Locke released her own version of “Fall” to the adult contemporary radio format. It went to the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart.

The Story Behind The Song 

Written by Clay Mills, Sonny LeMaire, and Shane Minor, “Fall” tells the story of a man giving some comfort to his lover who’s having a bad day. Despite the distress she’s in, she still puts herself last and wears a bright smile. But he knows one can only be strong so long before she breaks. So, he’s telling her to fall into his arms, and he’ll catch her each time.

“Every doubt, every fear. Every worry, every tear. I’m right here. Baby, fall,” the song goes.

After Walker recorded the track, record producer Keith Stegall knew it was going to be the biggest of Clay Walker songs. The country singer even recalled seeing Stegall high-fiving the engineer when they finished the session. “It was refreshing to know there wasn’t a lot of wasted time in the studio,” Walker noted, who also said that “Fall” was one of his favorite songs from his eighth studio album.

Furthermore, Walker also garnered positive reviews from critics. This includes Billboard‘s Chuck Taylor, who credits Walker’s rich, confident baritone with the song’s success – as it provides more compassion, as does his assertive smile. 

Tune in below and listen to “Fall” by Clay Walker by playing the video.


Clay Walker

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