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Faith Hill’s Amazing Version of “This Kiss”

Faith Hill’s Life

Faith Hill she started to showcase her talent in singing by performing in public events. Hill decided to pursue her passion for music rather than pursuing her studies in college.

She released her first album in 1993. Moreover, she followed it up with another album in 1995. She met her husband Tim McGraw during her tour. Both country singers fell in love with each other and eventually got married in 1996. Moreover, both recorded a song. The song achieved an award with Country Music Association.

By this time, her journey continues as she achieves unending awards in her albums. She is now one of the country music superstars.

Faith Hill The Kiss
Photo Credit: Faith Hill/ by Screengrab

Faith Hill “This Kiss”

The song was originally written by Beth Neilsen Chapman, Robin Lerner, and Annie Roboff. It was first recorded by Hill. Further, it was produced by Hill and Bryan Gallimore. The song was released March 3, 1998.

The song became known to American and Canadian Country and the album sold for five million copies. Moreover, the album reached top 1 on the Country chart and ranked number 7 on the pop chart. Moreover, the song has already been heard by people all over the world and it continues achieving praises. Many people love this kind of country pop song though it’s an old song.

The narrator of the song “The Kiss” expresses the joy of being in love with someone’s kiss. Kissing is an expression of affection. So that means that you somehow express your love to someone by way of kissing them. To be kissed by someone on your forehead shows respect. On the first verse of the song, it shows that she doesn’t want heartbreak. All she wants is to be in a serious relationship without playing games. Further, the chorus emphasizes the feeling of being kissed and being loved by someone you love.

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