December 10

WATCH: Reba McEntire Joins Cody Johnson in His ‘Dear Rodeo’ MV

One of the few embodiments of the word ‘country’ is the history of those who have been riding those rampaging-horned giants, something that represents the south-coast with a relaxed demeanor yet a wild spirit ready to roll at all times.

As for all-time iconic artists Cody Johnson & Reba McEntire, they are about to go full-country as they fuel up their next music video with their bull-riding and barrel racing histories on ‘Dear Rodeo.’

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Country Living is Rodeo Riding

Directed by Shaun Silva, the wild-west culture was well portrayed with power and dramatic cinematography. With scenes shot in Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Texas, you are about to experience one of Cody Johnson songs with other prowess’s aside from country music. The MV features him in action with samples of his routine from his bull-riding career.

Cody Johnson explained that he has taken quite a liking at the arena, as his first-ever rodeo was in the very same ring. As he looks back with enthusiasm, he fell in love with the whole rodeo show. The whole thing that gets him going to pursue it together with country music is unexplainable by words. He views the bull as ‘something’ he found on a whim, but then it led him to where he is in life in the present.

Reba McEntire is on the same page of the story as Johnson. She was once a barrel racer during her prime. That led her to join Cody for a duet. Her backstory? She felt that in some ways, rodeo once released her from all her troubles. It constantly reminded her saying, ‘Come on. You go do what you’re supposed to be doing over here.’

Traversing Traditions

‘Dear Rodeo’ was co-written by Johnson and Dan Couch dedicated to his former self and career in bull-riding. The single will also become part of his major-debut album ‘Ain’t Nothing to It.’

Well, that’s just proof that there are no half-baked country folks who live in Texas. One has got to love Rodeo and Country music at the same time as it’s a way to promote culture and traditions.

For Cody Johnson and Reba McEntire, they might not have the same strength to do the things that define them as Texans by heart, but they both have the heart to promote it. They invite their listeners to grow on it and to love what they love through country music.


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