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Darius Rucker Breaks Record with His First Country Song

Darius Rucker, the singer of “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About it,” is turning 53 today. He moved from one music genre to another before he was pushed into the world of country music. He finally found his home in country music because he has accumulated a total of seventeen singles on the chart, with eight number one songs. On his birthday, let’s remember the song that broke records and pushed him to the center stage in country music.

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Darius Rucker on Making History

Rucker made history in country music when he reached number one on the chart in 2008. He was the first African-American country singer to have a song on the number one spot on the country chart. Charley Pride was the first, but it has been a while since an African-American singer took the spot.

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“Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It”

Even though he began his career as a singer for the rock band Hootie and the Blowfish, he is always known for his country songs. The first song that made him noticeable was a ground-breaking single in 2008. “Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” was a single released by Rucker from his first country album Learn to Live. He chose this song to be his first single because he feels that everything about the song is perfect.

 “I think the feel, the tempo and the sentiment all had something to do with the decision – and, everybody wants to think that there is someone out there thinking about them, don’t they?!?”

He indeed made the right choice, as it was the one that helped him rise to the top of the chart.


This song was penned by himself and Clay Mills. In fact, Mills shared to Tennessean that the song was written on the day he met Rucker. When he was asked to work with the singer of Hootie and the Blowfish, Mills prepared rock songs for him. However, when the two met up, Rucker told him about the country album he’s working on.

“…he was like, “Well, I’m doing this country record.” And so none of the ideas I had were going to apply to this new record he was doing”

But the two eventually ended up writing a hit single that has established Rucker’s career as a country singer. Thank Mills for helping out on what has been a record in country music.


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