July 3

Craig Morgan’s Powerful Message behind the Song “God Must Really Love Me”

Craig Morgan knows the things that you lose first hand when you forsake the Lord. In his song “God Must Really Love Me,” the idea of losing faith in the Lord is highlighted. But even at our darkest times, the Lord will never forget us.

The message of the song is direct and it’ll make you rethink of all the decisions you have made in life. For today, we will go deeper into the message of the song and the moral story that we can learn from it.

craig morgan, god
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Craig Morgan’s Changing Perspective

Sometimes, we lose our way and forget to believe in Him because good things are happening to us. We become complacent with our lives and when we are suddenly faced with a huge problem, we then turn to God. Is there fairness to it, folks? Do you see the error of our thinking and the pressure we put our faith in that it could solve anything in a heartbeat?

Just like in the song “God Must Really Love Me,” Craig Morgan noticed the error of his ways. Even when he felt like he abandoned his faith in God, he knew that he is still being guided and loved. The title of the song “God Must Really Love Me” really embodies the doubts that we believers have. We know that we only turn to Him when we are facing a big problem but forget about our faith once everything is solved.

craig morgan, god
via Craig Morgan’s official Facebook page

Being a Better Person

On Craig Morgan’s song, there is an emphasis on the idea that no matter what we did, God will be there for us. All the more that we should celebrate our faith because our Lord is forgiving and loving. He does not know how to forsake us even if we have forsaken Him.

What our Lord only knows is to love His people and guide them all to a better path. We could also ask for the help of the people who care for us. It is not only God who can guide us but there is a lot whom we can depend on. As long as we are learning from our mistakes and we are willing to love and forgive, we can build a better relationship with the people around us.

Listen to Craig Morgan’s song here:


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