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Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away” Highlights Suicide Prevention Awareness

Provocative lyrics and video are what’s in store when you listen to Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away” track. Country music is known to touch the most sensitive topics of our society. From Alan Jackson to Chely Wright, every country artist knows how to belt out songs about unspoken things. Hence, this is also the pulling nature of the song “Fire Away.”

Spotlight on Suicide Prevention

Mental illness isn’t something we can simply push aside. When someone is suffering emotional breakdown and anxiety, the most that we can do is to listen and be by the side of our loved ones. Sadly, most cases of depression brought upon by mental illness are dismissed as only “attention-seekers.” It’s a good thing Chris Stapleton songs like “Fire Away” aren’t afraid to be thought-provoking and fight with society.

The song is a classic soul-ballad signature that’s an easy target for a verbal attack, but Chris Stapleton stood his ground, and it turned out to be what listeners need. For the country music artist, it’s a song reflecting his frustration of commitment. Tim Mattia directed the tear-jerking music video that tells a story of a couple. It starred Margarita Levieva and Ben Foster. 

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The video starts with the couple’s courtship and happy marriage. It went through the excitement of life that typical newlyweds experience. Shortly though, the happy memories dissolve and are replaced by struggles and tragedies. The woman suffered from mental illness and tried to commit suicide multiple times. It’s a dire story that’s normal nowadays. 

Nevertheless, the video ends with Campaign to Change Direction‘s website, a movement of concerned citizens and leaders from different organizations to change the culture about mental health, mental illness, and wellness.

“Fire Away” on The Charts

The country ballad did well on Billboard’s US Bubbling under Hot 100 Singles in 2016, sitting on No. 6. Also, it bagged a certified platinum award from RIAA as it sold 2,000,000 copies. Even the Country Music Association Awards recognized Stapelton and his team’s efforts to win Music Video of the Year back in 2016. CMT Music Awards gives it a thumbs up as the song took home Breakthrough Video of The Year.

If you want to support the fight of Chris Stapleton’s “Fire Away” against mental illness, you can check out the video below.


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