January 30

Country Life Anthem, “Rocky Top”

Another distinguishing mark of country music is the oftentimes upbeat tempo we give our songs for laments. Take Rocky Top” for one. It’s a reminiscing of the rugged way of living back on ‘ol Rocky Top. Having experienced the city life, the narrator favors and misses his old home. He also reminisces the memories he’d had there and details the ingenious ways of his people. 

If you’re not familiar with the song yet, then listen to it in full.

“Rocky Top” by The Osborne Brothers

Still Country Living Folks

Guess this is just how the law of universal balance works. Some of those born and raised in the country aspire to move to the cities while those who’ve already been there long to return. Has that happened to any of you folks? It did to me.

Well, what’s not to miss and love about country living? Everything about it is a treasure. From the fresh air, the quiet surroundings, the wide-open spaces, the greeneries and the lush vegetation.

Aside from those benefits that our physical bodies may enjoy, we’re less likely to have psychological issues. Unlike the crazy and fast-paced city life, staying rural will not give us anxiety. It allows us to choose to accomplish things at our own pace and leisure.

Simple Life Equals Happiness

Happiness. That’s right folks! (I know because I’m one country girl.)

When you just have the basics in life, you’ll learn to appreciate ‘contentment.’ It will also give you peace of mind. Fewer bills mean less stress. And because you have fewer possessions, you won’t worry about the possibility of being mugged.

Another big plus is the quality of people you’ll meet. They’re usually friendly, unselfish, and are always willing to help out in whatever form you may need. (And yes. I just described my kind of community.)

Country Life Anthem, “Rocky Top” 1


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