February 9, 2023

Blake Shelton’s Duet with Michael Buble: A Dedication for Soldiers Away from “Home”

Two of the most excellent musicians in history, Blake Shelton and Michael Buble, performed a duet of the song Home by Michael Buble. They aimed to honor the brave troops who risk their lives for the country even if it means they won’t be able to spend Christmas with their families.

As everybody knows, Christmas is the happiest time of the year. The entire family is there, enjoying a warm Christmas meal on Christmas Eve, which is what makes it so beautiful. That is why spending Christmas apart from the family can be pretty depressing. 

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The duet was included in Michael Buble Home for the Holidays, Buble’s 2012 Christmas special. The album called “It’s Time,” which included the song, was released in 2005. The song was written by Michael Buble, Alan Chang, and Amy Foster-Gillies. Since many listeners have adored it, and as a result, the song was recognized as one of Michael Buble’s hits.

And then, in 2008, around three years after the song’s original release, Shelton took the risk of using it and releasing it as a country hit. It quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, becoming one of Blake Shelton’s biggest hits.

The emotions and the way the song lyrics were presented at the event above were excellent. The vocalists’ vocals emit a sincere feeling with every note they sing. The superb combination of Michael Buble and Blake Shelton’s voices gives listeners the most incredible experience imaginable.

That said, if you want to check out Blake Shelton and Michael Buble’s duet of the song Home, you can check out their performance video below.


Blake Shelton, Michael Buble

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