November 2

John Schneider Defines What True “Country Girls” Are

The song “Country Girls” by John Schneider is the second single from his album Too Good to Stop Now, which he released in December of 1984. It is also his second single that reached the no. 1 spot on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs and stayed in that position for a week while spending a total of 14 weeks on the overall country chart.

Troy Seals and Eddie Sester wrote this song specifically for John Schneider. According to the country singer, this single is one of the passionate songs that can make a woman go crazy, and he can still prove this every time he performs this song in front of his fans. It is also one of the crowd favorites and the most requested among other John Schneider Songs.

The Ideal Woman You Will Love

In this song, Schneider narrates a tale of a man who’s been to different states of America, where he met the finest and prettiest woman in the land. But upon meeting them, he can’t stop comparing these women to “Country Girls” who know the true meaning of love. 

Mild-mannered, polite, and easy-going are some of the general characteristics of a true country girl. But they don’t tolerate foolishness and would not hesitate to tell you what’s on their mind, making them an ideal life partner.

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We can say that country girls are used to a much more uncomplicated and quiet life compared to other women in the city. But sometimes, simplicity is equal to beauty, and being simple makes someone look more beautiful, just like the song wants to tell us.

So if you want to look for a perfect companion in your life adventures, watch the video below and be inspired by the song “Country Girls” by John Schneider.


John Schneider

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