October 29

Conway Twitty’s Wonderful Version of “Why Me Lord”

Conway Twitty is a master when it comes to singing country music. He has made countless hits in his career such as “Hello Darlin,” “Don’t Cry Joni,” “That’s My Job,” “It’s Only Make Believe,” among many others. The country singer has done a few gospel songs during the run of his career and when he did, he made sure that his performance is as beautiful and captivating as some of his greatest hits.

Conway Twitty Sings an Iconic Gospel Hymn

The iconic gospel tune “Why Me Lord” was written by country legend Kris Kristofferson. This gospel song goes down as one of the best compositions by Kristofferson as he tries to incorporate his faith into his music. It has been covered by various country legends such as Elvis Presley, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and many others.

What was special with Conway’s version is its simplicity. He was able to bring out the emotions needed when he performed the beautiful gospel song. His delivery is almost the same as that of Kristofferson’s and I think this is the best way to perform it.

We Are in Need of His Guidance

So help me, Jesus,
My soul’s in your hand.

As the song implies, we must ask for the guidance of the Lord. We sometimes get lost in our way due to unforeseen circumstances and this may prevent us from reaching our destination. The gospel tune reminds us that it is okay to ask for His guidance and seek the answers that we need to overcome the hurdles in front of us.

The Lord our Savior is always there for us as we journey into this world and it is up to us if we want Him by our side. We have the power to choose our own way and the Lord had given us the wisdom to seek Him.

Watch Conway Twitty’s performance here:


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